Friday, December 19, 2014

We're All Ears :: December Reveal

If you haven't watched the video inspiration for December, please watch it now.

This video is just mesmerizing to me. I can watch it over and over again. If I worked at this company I would never get anything done!

The kinetic movement is so very intriguing. So that is what I was trying to capture with my earrings. But of course earrings are the perfect kinetic structures with their dangles and moving parts. And the very neutral color palette forced me to think more about the way the pieces interacted and less on the balance of the colors and how they work together.

The first thing that caught my eye in this video are the round wooden balls that are suspended. I remembered that I had this strand of stone beads (no idea what kind) that I picked up at the Bead & Button show someplace. They have the perfect coloration and mottling like the balls in the sculpture. I knew that I wanted to keep it simple and suspend them on some hammered steel paddles. I made the ear wires too, but they are in the wrong gauge wire, too thick for my ears. So I will have to swap them out. But they reminded me of a Galileo's pendulum. Simple and unadorned, the movement is what speaks for them.

 Do you recall that point in the video when the balls are suspended in the air and you can spot a labyrinth or a flower shape if you are in the exact right viewing spot? That is what I was trying to achieve with these. I call them "moveĊ" which is Latin for 'I move.' These took a lot of engineering (and a lot of swearing) to get them to hang just right. They look great dangling, but don't drop them! I suspect that these would be the kind of earrings that would be eternally tangled in your jewelry box that you never wear them.But I do like the way they have this suspended look and the motion.

I am a big fan of watching shows where they show you the inner workings of the factory. I love to see how the conveyor belts move and see all the parts work together to get the job done. In the video, I found it just as fascinating to watch the inner workings of the mechanism that moved all the pieces as I did watching those balls morph in mid-air. All those miles of cable, all those little spools and smooth running gears. Fascinating! I tried to recreate that by making an assemblage of cogs and gears. That chain is my absolutely all time favorite. I have been seeking spools of this for years. I find it in little bits at craft stores and I always buy all they have. Wish I could find a larger supply! I love the dark and the light of it. These earrings called 'Working Parts' have a decidedly industrial feel but with an Art Deco flair. 
What is it about this video that fascinated you?

That's it for me. I hope that you enjoyed this month's inspiration and could find the time to play along. The InLinkz code will be open for one week in case you want to come back and add your link. I will see you on Friday, Jaunary 2nd for our next We're All Ears inspiration.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


How is everyone faring up? Done your last craft fairs? Got your shopping sorted? On top of your handmade gifts and commissions? On the craft fair front, I was very lazy this year. I just did the one regular one that takes place in my town. It's actually a monthly market which I do all through the year but the December one is always a big Christmas-ified event. My pitch is about 200 metres from my front door so that cuts out a lot of the stress. Forgotten something? Need to grab a drink? Sorted! And yet, I still manage to get stressed in the run up to it. I try to get myself prepared in advance so that I don't have any prep to do the day before, so I can just relax and stuff. I did that this time but I found myself, the day before, thinking, 'Argh! I need to make x and y and z!'. Because, surely, there will be customers there wanting x and y and z.  One thing that seemed vital was some relatively simple earrings with some particularly winning lampwork beads. I surveyed my stash and came across these beauties that I got some considerable time ago from Magdalena Ruiz.

I think I was hoarding them because really I wanted them for me, if I'm totally honest. Anyway, in my pre-market flap, I decided they needed to be pressed into service.  I'd just received a super little grab bag of assorted bronze lovelies from Lesley Watt, so I decide to team a pair of her charms with the lampwork.  I finished by adding some toning czech glass.

It is a pretty simple design, but I often find that those are the things that sell at craft fairs, especially when it comes to earrings. Simple or not, I really like them, and - would you believe it? - that shopper in desperate need of lampwork earrings never showed up.

So, these are now available here in my Etsy shop.  Mind you, I am quite tempted to keep them for me. Maybe it was meant to be? If they don't go this quarter......

Before I go, a quick reminder: tomorrow is the day of the monthly We're All Ears blog hop. You can read all about the challenge and how to take part here. There's still time to get some earrings made!

Anyway, all best wishes for the holiday season, and see you in 2015!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

White Christmas...or not?

I don't know about you guys, but I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about a nice fluffy blanket of pure white snow on Christmas morning. A soggy, gray, 40F day just won't cut it. I need icicles hanging on the eaves, biting cold, frozen breath, and plenty of quiet crystalline snow.


Well, here in Ohio it's not looking very festive weather-wise. Granted, Christmas is a week away, but I'm hoping we can get our act together and get some snow on the ground in time for the holiday festivities. 

Today's earrings are another in my series of "polybells" that I form out of polymer clay, texture, hand paint, and then seal. This pair just shimmers with snowy white, a lacy texture, kisses of silver, and a raggedy edge. And they're lightweight like you wouldn't believe - like wearing snowflakes on your ears. Finished off with a pair of my extra long copper ear wires, and you'll look like a Snow Queen. OK, perhaps not, but at least you'll be properly festive!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Holidays!!!

LoveRoot on Etsy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color Infusion

Color Infused Agate Earrings

If the "spirit of the season" is eluding you, maybe some color will give your mood a boost? When I am wishing I had more energy, and I am just not into it, bright colors are my natural antidepressant. My earrings this week are made with colorful hammer faceted cornflower blue and lime green agate stones from Beads of Cambay, combined with faceted orange carnelian and copper accents. The oxidized copper wire wrap extends down the back of the stones for reinforcement, because the small holes in the stones will only allow for 24 gauge wire. My ear wires are hand formed from heavier oxidized copper wire, continuing the rustic character of the design.

Agnes Land "Turmalin" 2008

Whether or not you are a fan of abstract painting, you cannot argue that the colors in this piece are uplifting and motivating. Much as I adore earth tones, sometimes I just need to break away and infuse some vivid colors into my work and this is the perfect inspiration for me.

Gloria Ewing

Chrysalis Too on Etsy
Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry

Friday, December 12, 2014

Funky Blossoms

Even though my husband makes lampwork beads, I do buy lampwork beads from other artists on occasion and I have some favorite bead makers. Nikki Thornburg is one of them and I am happy to call her a friend as well. I bought these at the last show I attended a month or two ago along with several more of her fun beads and pendants! You can check out her Etsy site Thornburg Bead Studio and find some of her colorful work there.

You will find these earrings for sale on my website here.

Thanks for stopping by...would love to hear from you with a comment. 

Have a great weekend!
Kristy Abner
Kristy's Kreations

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Alabama Petticoats

Alabama Petticoats
I have been trying to force myself to use yellow--and not cheat, and use "mustard," or "saffron," or "butterscotch" and try to claim it's yellow--I mean, real, honest-to-God YELLOW. As in Tweety Bird. As in Big Bird. As in Sponge Bob. And here is me, above, using African recycled glass discs in Minion Yellow. I combined them with cool ice blue African recycled glass tulip beads, stacking them for a little more drama (and hey! Petticoats!) Just the two colors together seemed a little lonely, so I added some Indonesian glass beads in turquoise. I love these three colors together. There is something French Country about it that seems to make the yellow go down better.

I capped the yellow glass discs with rustic petaled beadcaps in sterling silver, and capped the petticoats with a pair of my own embossed sterling caps; each petticoat is fastened to the glass disc via one of my sterling silver paddle headpins. I made--as is my habit--the earwires myself and added a couple more turquoise glass beads to pull it all together.

Glass tulip beads from Happy Mango Beads.
Yellow recycled glass discs from Afrobeadia.
Petal beadcaps from Cathy Dailey.

Visit Keirsten and her work at Lune on Etsy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coral Spike Earrings

A friend and I recently went to a gem and bead show.  I didn't really need any new beads, but I was looking forward to spending the day with my friend.  I did try to exercise some restraint, but of course I did not leave empty handed.
So for today's earrings, I wanted to use some of my newly purchased treasures.  The wooden beads were inexpensive and had nice grooves all around.  I think the beads below the wood beads are made of bone, but I'm not sure.  The minute I saw them I knew they'd be an ideal shape and size for earrings.
The fabulous textured spikes were made by Marsha Neal. The coral colored spikes really make the dots on the bone beads pop. 
I'd love to pair these earrings with this pretty outfit.  The colors would be perfect together!  The Ceramic Spike Earrings can be found in my shop, here: