Monday, March 2, 2015

Daisy Pallet _ Hessonite and Ceramic Earrings

I was fortune last week to get a little (unplanned) bead shopping in. It was an impromptu stop and I had no list or agenda when entering the store. This type of shopping is the most dangerous (expensive) kind... for me. Just grabbing every beautiful, wanton strand I could manage to get off the hooks and into my basket.

After a few deep breathes and sorting them at the counter I ended up putting a few back.. but kept the most exquisite and beautiful ones to bring home.

What inspires my jewelry work most is the materials. When I have beautiful materials to use - how can I go wrong? Secondly... is the world around me. Nature.

This set brings them together. Spring flowers and sunflower yellow faceted gems.

I adore this weepy flower stamp. I have created these charms from hammering out fine silver. Paired with handcrafted ceramic beads - finished with a blue-gray and topaz colored glaze. I found this little peekaboo of topaz color was absolutely brought to life next to these squarish Hessonite beads I picked up last week. Wrapped up in fine silver wire and dangling from hand forged sterling silver ear wires.
Hessonite garnets - local Seattle bead shop - Alexanders Bead Bazaar
+ Handcrafted fine silver charms 

Available at Art and Soul Jewelry

Friday, February 27, 2015

Beer Quartz

I have to admit to hoarding these beer quartz gems for quite some time! They are faceted and lovely. I really miss The Earth Bazaar. They were an online site that had gorgeous gemstones at great prices and you didn't have to buy large quantities. I think they have been gone for a couple of years (at least). What are some of your favorite online sites for gemstones? I like buying them at bead shows (if I can) because then you can really see what you are getting. I have certainly been disappointed many a time at ordering online. Please feel free to share your favorite site in the comments section.

                       These earrings are available for purchase here on my website.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend!

Kristy Abner
Kristy's Kreations

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art Deco Revisited

Art Deco
I found these fabulous fan-shaped shell beads at a local shop, Powderhorn Trading Company. They are just lovely, like giant pearls. I used my embossed poppy caps on them in sterling silver, with Argentium silver earwires and Indonesian glass beads (from Happy Mango Beads) in a soft turquoise color and matte finish.

I was surprised, when they were finished, what a strong Art Deco vibe they had, which delighted me because I adore Art Deco!! I think it was the repeating fan shapes and angular lines, with both the shell beads and the caps--there are fan shapes, sunbursts, and similar motifs everywhere in Art Deco! And of course an emphasis on angular patterns:
From Wikipedia, 1930 Milwaukee Gas Light Building, Photo by Seth Anderson
From Wikipedia, Chrysler Building, New York City, Photo by Postdlf
From Wikipedia, Sunburst, Eastern Columbia Building entrance, photo by Binksternet
From Wikipedia, Griffith Observatory detail, Los Angeles, Photo by Nathan Day
I've never really considered myself a triangle person, but all this Art Deco goodness could make me change my mind...

More information available at my Etsy shop, HERE.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Celebration Earrings

What are we celebrating?  I don't know, but wearing these earrings is like having a party on your ears!  These bright colors make me so happy that I just want to celebrate the fact that it is a new day!

Celebration Earrings, with polymer clay beads by Margit Boehmer.
I've always loved playing with colors, but being in Oaxaca, Mexico this winter has made me even bolder.  Check out this house, just down the road from us.  Can you see how the house colors play out in these earrings?
No pastels going on here!  Bright, in-your-face colors.  The colors make me happy, so I named these my "Celebration" earrings!
Do you have certain colors that always put a smile on your face?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Vibe

Last week, Nikki asked us in her post about the 'motifs' that keep coming back in our designs, and I know I have a few favorite ones (swirls, hoops/circles, leaves...), my brain went straight to a type of stone and color: Turquoise.

I have this whole need to hoard my Turquoise beads and cabochons going on,
and letting some of them go. It. Is. So. Hard. 

But once they are out into the world, I feel happy that they can be enjoyed by others. I was an only child, maybe that's the root of this feeling of not being always so great at sharing my goodies LOL
(I do share, my hubby will tell you, but with certain things, well, I've got issues I guess, ha!)

So I made these wrapped Copper earrings:

I couldn't let go of the whole Turquoise idea, and I knew I had this absolutely perfect pair of gorgeous rustic 'spotted' copper-ish looking handmade ceramic beads (made by our very own Cindy Pack). 
I wanted to pair them with Chinese Turquoise, copper wire and accents, and here we are :)

These earrings are 2" tall (trying to make shorter pairs from time to time) and hang from a pair of hypo-allergenic Titanium matching ear wires with a small copper bead accent.

These earrings are listed HERE on my website.

Rustic, bright and cheerful, calling on Spring to arrive soon :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Friday, February 20, 2015

We're All Ears :: February Reveal... and Winners!

First off, thank you to all for the wonderful comments on your ideas for some future inspirations! I have written them all down and will refer to it for future reference. You never know when your idea might just pop up!

Second, thank you to the editors that have gifted some great prizes. picked the winners. And congratulations to the winners!

Giveaway #1 :: Lynda of Fresh Baked Designs
The winner can have her pick of any ONE (1) pair of earrings in my new (lead-free) Pewter-Swarovski collection here:  
donated by Nathalie Lesage, Nathalie Lesage Jewelry

Giveaway #2 :: Angi Mullis

$10 credit in either Etsy shop: and
donated by Claire Lockwood, Something to Do Beads

Giveaway #3 :: Nadine Edris
Handcrafted ceramic sand dollar pendant charm + two rounds.
donated by Cindy Pack, Cindy's Art & Soul Jewelry 

Giveaway #4 :: Cindy Martin-Shaw
"Gypsy Boho" earrings published in 101 BNE in the 2014 issue.
donated by Kristy Abner, Kristy's Kreations
Giveaway #5 :: Alice Peterson
A set of four Facet Effects beads (as seen in my Fabulous Facets DVD) in your choice of colors perfect for making your own earrings! 
donated by Erin Prais-Hintz, Tesori Trovati Jewelry
If you won, please email me at with your full name and mailing address and I will pass that along to the appropriate editor for your prize distribution!


So this month was all about soft and pretty and loads of flowers. But florals in a way that you might never have seen them before! The paintings/pictures of the flower girls by Love, Limzy are so enchanting. Perfect for the romance of the recent Valentine's day, don't you think?

Recently, I have been making good on my 2 year old promise to myself to start sculpting flowers for pendants that are patterned after the birth flowers. Did you know that each month has a flower (or more than one) associated with it? And that each flower has special meanings? I am not really one to get totally into the zodiac signs, but this is something I could get behind. I had the idea years ago, but wasn't able to make it work to my liking until I made my Poppy Dreams pendant for the February Art Bead Scene challenge and my offering to my Simple Truths Sampler Club. Or maybe I just didn't have the skill when I came up with the idea. I am hoping to add to the flower offerings - called 'Floriography' or the Language of Flowers -  every other month or so. I just developed a mini version of the Poppy Dreams pendant for these earrings. Poppies are the flower for August and stand for moral integrity as well as a fulfillment of dreams.

I have been making these little Rosebud charms over the past few months. They are an off-shoot of my pendants Everything's Coming Up Roses and Call Me Rosebud pendants and as charms they have been showing up in mother's necklaces and bracelets. I think they add a little bit of vintage sweetness to whatever design they are in. These tiny Rosebud charms are now available in either silver or bronze finish. Roses are the flowers for June. The meanings of Roses can vary from Love (red), Passion, Beauty and Perfection (white).

My next flower that I am working on perfecting is the daffodil, also known as narcissus. My daughter tells me that they are her favorite flower (who knew?). And since her birthday was yesterday (happy birthday Tiny Dancer!), I came up with one that she can wear as a tiny pendant, and looks equally at home as a pair of delicate earrings. Daffodils are a quintessential spring flower paired with bunnies and eggs. I had a hard time with these, but I am going to keep at it. I want to achieve the classic look of the 6 white petals and the central yellow trumpet shape. I can't wait until I see them in season and I will buy my darling daughter a big bunch as a surprise for no reason. Daffodils are the flowers for March because they symbolize the end of winter as a gift of these flowers conveys the hidden meaning of friendship, prosperity and happiness.

I have a particular fondness for pansies. I have to confess that I had a rather unhealthy attachment to them in my early married years. I could not pass up buying anything (and I do mean anything) with a pansy on it. The only room in our first home that was actually painted and decorated was the guest room that was a complete ode to pansies from floor to ceiling, vertical and horizontal surfaces (I think my husband may have thought I was nuts!). They are the flower of my sorority (hello, Tri Deltas!) and so they were very special to me. But then I had a child and the room quickly went from pansy bouquets to construction trucks! I do still love pansies. Their velvety faces looking up to the light never fail to make me smile. Violets or Violas are a type of species of which the pansy is a part. According to Wikipedia, the term "pansy" is normally used for those multi-coloured, large-flowered blooms which are raised from seed and used for bedding. The terms "viola" and "violet" are normally reserved for small-flowered annuals or perennials, including the species. But they both have a similar look. Viola typically have heart-shaped, scalloped leaves. Colors vary, ranging from violet, through various shades of blue, yellow, white, and cream, while some types are bicolored, often blue and yellow. Therefore, I am open to making the violets, or pansies, in a variety of colors! I enjoyed making these and will add these to my store as well as a bigger pendant size soon. Violet or pansy is the flower for February.

What is your favorite flower?
Let's see what you created!
Please take the time to hop around to the participants.
Leave kind, encouraging comments.
Visit their shops. Make new friends!